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  These are our Block of the Month Clubs!  

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#1    "We're All Mad Here"            

#2    "Lu's Beach"                        

#3     "Short Sands"

#4    "Sip by Sip" - Sweet Shop 

"We're all mad here"

The on-going block of the Month project.Begin at your convenience! It's never too late to join this "Mad Mad" Adventure! Visit our store page to order your first BOM. Pay Pal is welcome

 It's never too late to join this "Mad, Mad" Adventure! 

To order your first block:  

RQN-20-1    Block 1        Hatter?s Hat                                         

RQN-20-2    Block 2      Dress of Alice                                      

RQN-20-3    Block 3      Twiddle Dees                                          

RQN-20-4    Block 4      Queen of Hearts                                      

RQN-20-5    Block 5      Tea Pot for Dormouse                            

RQN-20-6    Block 6      Stack of Tea Cups                                    

RQN-20-7    Block 7      Painted Rose Bush                                  

RQN-20-8    Block 8    Hatters Workshop (windows view)    

RQN-20-11  Block 9     Talking Garden                                         

RQN-20-12  Block 10   Im Late! (Rabbits Royal Jacket)     

RQN-20-13  Block 11     Dramatis Personae (Chess Boards)     

*RQN-20-14  Block 12    We're all  Mad here ( Font and Cheshire Cat)       

   * Pricing Notes:

Month 12:  Includes:  Fabric for cat, tree branch, & font templates only. 

                          "Lu's Beach"                                 
Painted Panels by Lu Feazle, Artist & Muralist   

Lu has made it possible for us to duplicate her one of a kind panels for our beach themed wall hanging or lap size quilt. 

Pattern include detailed instructions for foundation paper piece blocks and mitered borders for a finished individual wall hangings. 


Visit our Store - Block of the Month to order your first Pattern, Panels, or Kits. 

"Short Sands"                                                                   
 Appliqued version of  Lu's Beach quilt. All Patterns include directions for Foundation Paper Piecing & Mitered Borders for individual wall hanging. Visit our Store under Block of the Month to order 

   Block #1:        "Beach Treasures"


   Block 2           "Cabanas for Two"

    Block #3                                         Kicking in the Shade & Crab Louie


Block 4             Lighthouse Memories           

  Block 5            Lobster Trails 

   Block #6           Proud Pelican       



 Block 7        "Deadliest Catch"         

  Short Sands Beach is located in the Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast, just 10 miles south of Cannon Beach.  A nice hike to the beach front in Cove within a fabulous waterfall.  Short Sands Beach has the feel of a private beach setting, and a perfect spot for those who hit the waves with their Surfboards!


"Sip by Sip" - Sweet Shop 
Start your today ready for December 2015!  Each Block Pattern includes directions for finished single wall hangings.

Block 1 and 2 are ready now to order!  Kits available too!   See our Store to order yours!   


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