Sip by Sip - Complete Block of the Month Pattern


"Sip by Sip"   *

Our newest "Sweet Shop" - Block of the Month.  Cakes, cupcakes, Peppermints, Gingerbread Cookies,Rolls and lots of Tea Pots & cups.  

Pieced basket blocks, checkerboard bottom border, cute roof and awning.  We made our button valance by hand with lots of buttons and rainbow ric-rack.  

*  Note:  Crystals on top of "Sip by Sip" spelling:   " Enjoy Life " -  photo did not pick it up.  

Price posted is for PATTERNS ONLY to complete entire project. 

Individual Patterns or Kits available.  Fabric Prints may vary. We strive to offer the 'newest' and freshist available fabrics on the market' 

FINISHED:  44"  x  50" 

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