'Hatter's Workshop' 3 - "Window" blocks for BOM 8 ( Kit )


When the Mad Hatter took first sight at the Queen's "Regrettable large head"...his ownly solution was to offer making her some hats to please her temper.                                                    With Blocks #8, you will be making 3 wonderful 'stained' windows where the Hatter was locked in.  Each with a different Hat and a Dress Form.  Lovely Stained Glass Window Applique. 

“Hatter’s Workshop" :           


“What’s the Hatter with me?” Window with Hat #1) 

“Regrettably Large Head”      ; (Window with Hat #2)

Pattern (s) Only:  $15.00 - See Alice in Wonderland Series     

All Individual patterns include a “Wonder”-ful excerpt from the “Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”. As you build your quilt, you will also enjoy refreshing ‘tales’ for each image.

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