Alice In Wonderland Quilts & Projects

 Robin's Quilt Nest offers a "Wonder"ful selection of Themed quilts and wild  wall hangings. Plus for a Mad, Mad Tea Party of a kitchen... colorful, whimsical place mats, and more items coming soon.

Runner available now!  See photo below...

Plus... a one of a kind soft sculpture "Alice" Doll with moving limbs and hand painted face by Lu Feazle, LA Designs.  (this is not your ordinary Alice Liddell!

Patterns, Kits, & made to order items. See our Store to order your "Alice" collection of projects!  Classes available for any of our quilts at Robin's Quilt Nest: "The Nest" Classroom.  

For a fantastic jump start to the Block of the Month: "We're all Mad here!" fantastic quilt, visit for registration beginning this January 2011!

"Goin' Tea Party Mad!"   35" x 68 1/2"

Show Stopper Wall Hanging.  Kit's Available. ... Alice falling into the rabbit hole and the pool of tears with new friends. the Screaming Queen of Hearts, that smirky, smilin', clever Cat, Crochet Flamingo, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party to 'Top it off'!  Visit our STORE for Pattern.

"We're all Mad here!"         64" x 80"                          Block of the Month!                      Easy Blocks, Lots of fun applique and a great bed cover for all ages and genders!                                                  
ON-GOING BOM - - for YOUR busy schedule! 

"Falling into Wonderland"        Wall Hanging  Finished:   40" x 52"                          Fantastic diamond background, falling Alice, smirky Cat, and that Late      Rabbit!  Elegant, pointed edges with tassels and beads.


Mad Tea Party Table Top Runner   29" x 57"

Use your favorite 'black and white' prints, and add a Mad, Mad, Tea Party!  

Off With Her Head!                         Wall Hanging 27" x 44"


This Royal Banner makes it own statement: "Off with her head!" For all the Royal Queen's of Hearts!  (that's YOU!)   

"Are-are-youuuu??"   Wall Hanging Banner...


"Who-are-yooouuuu??" Wall Hanging Banner...that strange catepillar on his proud stool.  A 'banner' style wall hanging.


"I'm Late!"...I'm Late!"  The Royal Rabbit in his Royal yellow cloak with wonderful red hearts, gold pocket watch in another 'banner' style wall hanging project.



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